Summer Drinks

Refreshing iced beverages from our new summer range


Chocolate and hazelnut milkshake has the power to make you believe in GOLD 

Price £3.95


A Goddess on a mountain top made with fresh banana and white chocolate topped with a retro sweetie favourite

Price £3.95

Bohemian Raspberry

With a burst of fresh raspberries, blueberries and a refreshing twist of lime this frappe will hit you like thunderbolt and lightening 

Price £3.95

Wham Bam

A mixture of berry frappe and wham bars to create a tangy, tongue tingling flavour to wake you up before you go-go

Price £3.95

Aaaa O it's Oreo

It's all revved up and ready to go, this Oreo inspired milkshake is always a summer hit

Price £3.95